Ageplay clothing is becoming a growing trend

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Ageplay clothing relates to ageplaying, which is a popular bedroom pastime and a reliable way to get into little space – a mindset of comfort, carefree safety, and relaxation, utterly devoid from any responsibility, lacking altogether the stressors of adult life. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of ageplay, the appeal of abdl clothing and ageplay apparel. So put on your cutest onesie, and let’s go.

ageplay clothing

Ageplay involves a plethora of relationship dynamics, and a diversity of practices, stretching across dozens of popular kinks and fetishes and many more obscure ones. For this reason alone, it is hard to access its scope when it comes to widespread adoption. Nevertheless, we will talk about the appeal of ageplay, as we brush over the most common psychological aspects.

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What is ageplaying?

When people ask what does ageplay mean, it is really hard to pinpoint an answer without providing context. Put simply, ageplaying is a practice of relaxation through regression. It takes place between two consenting adults, where they get to explore different scenarios of relationship dynamics. It usually fixates on the sexual elements of human nature, but there are times when it doesn’t have to.


With ageplay clothing or without, the play element revolves around exploration – what it would be like to be at a certain age again, discovering anew the process of gender identification, care, and innocence.

Many times people also ask what is abdl, which stands for adult baby diaper lovers. Put simply, this is a related category to ageplay, where the emphasis is put on being the baby, instead of being a certain age in relation to roleplay and sexual intercourse. Having said that, age play introduces two polar opposites into the relationship – the first being “littles”, and the second “caregivers” or colloquially called “bigs”. Each assumes a different role which comes along with its own behaviors, clothing, and power dynamics, within the confines of a sexual relationship.

ageplay apparel

The adult is usually the dominant figure, a mommy or a daddy, and sometimes perhaps a teacher, master, babysitter or owner. The other side, therefore, assumes the role of a child, and varies in age depending on the particular atype of play.

Suffice to say, the act of role play does not involve children in any way whatsoever, nor does it pay attention to the biological child. Instead, it hints at childlike qualities such as curiosity, innocence, and carelessness that all grownups possess. Through play, these qualities are elevated, cherished and enjoyed, by and between two fully consenting adults.

According to a paper published in the interdisciplinary Journal of Sexuality and Culture, and accessible through Springer Link, “most people with atypical sexual interests do not have a mental disorder”. Needless to say, fighting off this stigma is rather hard, but plenty of communities around the internet are doing a great job demystifying this act of roleplay.

Ageplay clothing involved in this role play

what is abdl

Unsurprisingly, considering the scope of this pastime, there are no certain rules for clothing that dictate play. Some people like to wear adult baby diapers, while others don’t involve this item at all. The same can be said about onesie jumpsuits, bodysuits, and diaper panties. Depending on the relationship dynamic, or as one friend of mine likes to say, the flavor of the day, the clothing line can shrink and expand indefinitely.

Certainly, there is a growing collection worldwide of ageplaying diapers, ageplaying diaper panties, onesies, dungarees, and all kinds of different jumpsuits. Some couples prefer schoolgirl uniforms, short denim jeans, while others rely on bibs, pacifiers and tutu skirts. Luckily, the Privatina adult baby store has a rather inclusive catalogue that you can access through the menu above, or the links placed around this article.

Ageplaying activities coupled with ageplay apparel

ageplaying jumpsuit

There are many activities that revolve around ageplay that lead to sexual intercourse, and many more that have nothing to do with it. Without further ado, here is a list of ideas that can be used as templates for play between bigs and littles.

Reading stories

Books are full of wonder, fantasy, and excitement and listening to a story can make you travel several decades through time. Jump into your adult onesie, or cuddle inside a soft baby blanket, and let your mind free. Once in a while, you will be pleasantly distracted by the sound of a page turning, allowing the story to go on as you part ways with your worries.

Preparing for a nap

Your mommy or daddy can read you a book, feed you with a bottle, and all you have to do is get inside your adult baby pajamas ready to let go and drift away into a careless slumber. Put your head on the pillow, and feel your body resting as your mind wanders away.

Playing with toys

Littles can stack up blocks, or brush their dolls, feeling perfectly safe and secure in the presence of their caregiver. Sometimes, people prefer to use coloring books in order to melt their worries away, as the cognitive requirements create a pleasant distraction. Whatever else might be said, playing with toys is a great chance to visit your own little kingdom for a while, and enjoy your favorite routine.

Watching cartoons

Jump inside your favorite adult baby overalls and sit down in front of the TV. You can watch some of the new titles, but visiting the old classics will instantly take you back in time, to a place of innocent delight and wonder. If full-length cartoons are too much of a commitment, then feel free to enjoy serialized shows like Tom and Jerry, Casper the Friendly Ghost, or the never exhausting collection of Looney Tunes.

Incorporate baby/child furniture

Nothing sets the mood better than the vibrant, colorful and small-sized chair, the kids table, the crib, or the blackboard. Depending on your mood, and your preferred age, you can wear the appropriate ageplay apparel and immerse into the playground.

Ageplay clothing – the magical entrance into ageplaying

If you are into this specific role play, you can bring it up to your partner, while being open and honest. From there, magical things await as you explore the activities, sexual play and power dynamics that stretch as wide as your imagination can travel. Shopping for ageplay clothing is the first step towards exploring this fantasy and allowing yourself to be curious, carefree, and happy.

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