I feel like an adult baby. How to start?

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In the case of ABDL, the sense of being a baby may manifest itself very early or, on the contrary, we may only realize our preference as a person with a metric on our ID card. How do we find our way through all this and how do we get started? That's what today's blog is about.

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I've been an adult baby forever

For people who still feel like babies despite the passage of time, the feeling of having been a different person before or being unaware of one's preferences is practically non-existent. The problem at a certain age, e.g. in the teenage years, can be your nearest and dearest people around you, who worry about you and ask whether it is normal that at this age you still want to play with toys, sleep in your sleeping bag or have your favorite blanket. Being a 'teenage adult baby' is certainly difficult because we are just discovering ourselves and the rest of the world may give the impression that there is something wrong with us. It is certainly a difficult time.

I have just realized that I like diapers...

Another situation is to realize now as an 'adult' that many things and activities associated with infancy or childhood give us pleasure and joy. Sometimes we come across a photo or an article and notice that we have always felt somehow more secure having our favorite bedding with us or storing a childhood teddy carefully. ABDL is not as prevalent in many societies, so sometimes a diaper lover may not realize that they have always felt somehow different, in relation to activities or clothes associated with childhood. The right stimulus, an article on the internet or meeting another adult baby can help them realize that this is what we have always wanted and what has always been inside us. Often adults also feel that they belong to the world of ABDL, however, they either reject these thoughts themselves or, for fear of the reaction of family or friends, practice ABDL-related behavior in secret from them.

Acceptance above all

First, key issue is coming to terms with and accepting oneself. Exploring your knowledge of ABDL, reading books, articles or talking to other adult babies on topic forums can help. Many people are initially frightened by their discovery and fear that there is something wrong with them, or that they need psychiatric treatment. However, you should approach yourself with love. However, the fact that you feel safer and nicer as a baby does not mean that there is something wrong with you, not at all.

As long as you don't do wrong and infringe on other people's freedom, know that what you do and how you feel about it is your private business and you shouldn't feel bad about yourself because of it. Wearing a nappy, sleeping in a sleeping bag or having a pacifier is nothing wrong and if it makes you feel better, why should you give it up?

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How will others react?

We have to accept that the ABDL community is quite small, and some people have not heard of it at all and have not encountered it. Hence, we can expect different reactions. We should be prepared for a friend or family member to misinterpret our preference, judging it as a fetish or, in extreme cases, even worse. Of course, the people who love us should fully accept us, but if we decide to reveal our inner adult baby, let's give them time to get used to the information and let's educate and straighten out incorrect guesses about the ABDL topic. The worst thing we can do is become offended or shut down and think badly of ourselves. Let's be aware that sometimes those closest to you may need time to get used to and acquainted with your tastes. Under no circumstances should you then doubt that you are a perfectly normal person.

I have a partner, I don't know how to tell him about my ABDL preferences

When we suddenly realize that the previous single situations of infantile behavior suit us very well, we ourselves are very confused and often deny our emotions. However, we feel that ABDL is our world and we want to share this with our partner, husband or wife. It's worth talking frankly and having a calm, long conversation about how we feel and explaining the characteristics of an adult child. If we haven't shown our partner that we have these preferences before, he or she will certainly be surprised and it will be new to him or her. Give him a moment to think about all this - you can also recommend an article or book to your bookshelf that explains what ABDL is. If your partner loves you and is your other half, he will try with all his might to accept the new situation and support you. Perhaps in time he himself will discover that the role of carer can be interesting for him? We have already written more about how to tell your partner HERE.

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How to start living the life of an adult baby?

Certainly, if the stage of self-acceptance is behind you, you will begin to look for even more information and, in time, items, adult baby clothes such as onesie jumpsuits, diaper panties, abdl bodysuits, toys, gadgets for yourself. When it comes to items such as pacifiers, bottles and other ABDL accessories, you can successfully use those available in adult baby shops. However, the problem arises with adult babay clothing. Our 'adult' sizes are no match for the wonderful range of sleepers, rompers, bodysuits and other clothes you can find in children's shops. In such cases, it is important to find a shop with quality clothing for adult babies. At Privatina you will order clothes made of soft, pleasant fabrics, sewn especially for you. You give us your measurements when you order, along with specific options in the product such as choice of fabric, colour, zips or personalized embroidery. The individuality of this solution will ensure maximum comfort and fit for you. We guarantee not only careful workmanship but also complete discretion. As a customer, you are important to us and we do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with our garments.

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