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Contrary to what many people might think, and despite the stigma, the abdl community is very well established. Dispersed throughout internet forums, Facebook groups, and a garden variety of channels, adult baby diaper lovers find ways to stay connected, share their experiences and learn from one another. In this article, we talk about the important platforms on which abdl aficionados interact, mention some of the stores that are popular within the ageplaying community, and try to map out the internet presence of those who are living the abdl lifestyle.

abdl community

Acknowledging your love for the abdl lifestyle and entering little space is much easier when there is a large group of supportive people who are willing to share their tips, stories and personal views related to self-care and acceptance. These stories defy stigma, reshaping the norm for millions of adult babies worldwide, as they learn about different ways to enjoy comfort.

Privatina shop has long been part of the abdl community, providing a large catalogue of quality ageplaying apparel, and publishing content across our many different channels.

But our success is largely attributed to a vibrant and growing community of people who adopt the abdl lifestyle. While ageplaying apparel is a vital aspect of age regression, it is the encouragement and support of likeminded individuals that demystifies little space.

The growing abdl community

abdl lifestyle

ABDL clothing encourages people to embrace one aspect of their personality, and perhaps share the experience of how it’s like to be in little space. Available now more than ever, and sold via online stores and marketplaces like Privatina, this abundance of clothing items unites the community.

Web stores are growing in number, with different brands occupying the abdl niche, while few item categories are also making a huge debut on Amazon. All this goes to show the sheer size of the industry, which reflects a growing circle of adult baby diaper lovers.

ABDL forums

ageplaying community

With nearly 50 thousand active members, the ageplay and diaper fetish subreddit, also known as r/abdl, is one of the largest online groups within the abdl community.

Created on October 2009, it welcomes all who embrace the abdl lifestyle, and share an interest in age regression, ageplaying, or wearing diapers. The posts usually include personal stories, questions for the community, and pictures of diaper lovers, their clothing combinations, and cutesy nursery rooms.
ADISC and Daily Diapers are two other forums where people share experiences, questions and offer their support.

ABDL stores

abdl store

We have talked before about the importance of recognizing a quality abdl shop on the internet. Indeed, magic happens when you find a trustworthy and reliable place that offers clothing in accordance to your style and preferences. It takes a while to figure out which brand is reputable enough to earn your trust, so refer to the article above for added safety and peace of mind.

There are many quality web stores that deal exclusively in abdl clothing, and aside from Privatina we want to give a shout out to our colleagues and competitors at Little for Big, The Dotty Diaper Company from UK, AB Universe, Diaper Drawer, and Onesies Down Under from Australia.

Visiting the social media channels of these stores is a nice way to connect with people who happen to frequent their websites. For example, you can check our Facebook page, and our Instagram profile, and become part of our community.


If you have questions about any aspect of the abdl lifestyle, and ageplaying in general, there is hardly a better outlet than Quora. People from all walks of life are free to chip in, and the answers with the most votes are prominently placed on top.

Quora is unlike any abdl forum, because people who frequent the site are not necessarily within the abdl community. This gives a very broad spectrum of views and opinions that can only enrich the debate.


Although YouTube is a less typical place for discussion and debate, there are hundreds of channels and thousands upon thousands of videos with abdl content. You can gain some insight into the adult baby lifestyle by following few channels, and browsing the comment section of popular videos. Recognizing this growing trend, we are trying to establish an active YouTube channel for abdl content, as we share tips, showcase our collection, and reach out to members of this lovely community.

Platforms and social media

While Facebook is not the usual place for adult baby diaper lovers to gather and chat, there are few private groups that remain active. Instagram, on the other hand, is more about inspiration. The same can be said about Pinterest as well, as there are lovely boards with plenty of abdl ideas for clothing combinations, furniture, and interior design of nursery rooms.

The ageplaying community

abdl clothing and ageplaying apparel

People who are into abdl are familiar with the way in which it differs from ageplaying in general. While both share similar characteristics, abdl is more about age regression and going to a psychological state called little space – one characterized with childlike curiosity and carelessness, which exists in stark contrast to the stressors of daily life.

Ageplaying, on the other hand, is a more flexible niche, which often includes erotic undertones between two consenting adults, as a way of spicing up the relationship dynamic.

Therefore, while the abdl community is more open and popularized, the ageplaying community is generally NSFW content (not safe for work) that is found on more marginalized places on the internet.

Where do members of the abdl community gather in real life?

adult baby community

When compared to their internet counterpart, the real life outlets are relatively obscure. Nevertheless, conventions still take place on annual or biannual basis, mostly in the US, in hotels, resorts, and few isolated retreats.

The east coast usually gathers around Pennsylvania, as TeddyCon takes place near Allentown, bringing together a large crowd from the abdl community. Then there is CAPcon, another convention which takes place within the Chicago area once every year. The west, on the other hand, gathers around California, as West Coast Jungle Gym is a convention that takes place every year in a San Diego hotel. Canadians gather near Ontario, for TOMKAT, a biannual event founded in 2013, which takes place in a private wilderness camp. Tickets for these conventions are available online, but make sure to check our blog section for future announcements, discounts and giveaways.

We have a sizeable collection of adult onesies, diaper panties, skirts and dresses, and a host of other items that occasionally go on sale, so make sure to follow the blog, our newsletter, and the category of ready-made Privatina apparel.

This concludes our article, giving you some insight into the abdl community. Regardless of whether you are living the abdl lifestyle for years, or have just begun to dip your toes, this resource is a good place to start exploring, connecting with people, and becoming a member of a large and vibrant community that is lucky to have you.

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