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ABDL onesies represent a staple of ageplay clothing. Known as the romper, the jumpsuit and the bodysuit, these onesies for adults are some of the most comfortable garments that money can buy. Diaper lovers celebrate them for the way the look, the way they feel, and the way they send them back in time. Whatever else might be said, adult onesies are the most recognizable apparel within the abdl community, an icon of age regression, and the most reliable way to go into little space. Today, we discuss different types of onesies, revisit the history of the adult onesie, and share some handy tips on how to find the best onesies for adults.

Adult baby diaper lovers often have to rely on their clothing in order to enjoy age regression. And while the cabinet can include diaper panties, overalls, bibs and a variety of t-shirts, it is never quite complete without the onesie. The adult onesie is perhaps the most comfortable item of clothing. It covers the shoulders, the chest, the torso, the abdomen and the crotch, constantly keeping you warm.

Different varieties introduce different features, including sleeves, leggings, added insulation and much more. Some rely on zippers, while others on buttons, and the palate of fabrics varies greatly, from cotton and fleece to flannel and velour.

Here at Privatina shop, we recognize adult onesies to be the pillar of ageplay apparel. Our catalogue includes a variety of models, with vibrant colors, cozy textures, and quality fabrics aplenty. You can browse our collection of onesie jumpsuits, and onesie bodysuits, available in different colors and size specifications, with many more opportunities for customization.

Adult onesie bodysuits are very difficult to find and order online, and we pride ourselves in being able to put together a large collection of items. The feedback so far has been very positive, and we are glad that our store has become a trusted and reliable abdl marketplace.

ABDL onesies will take you back to childhood

adult onesies

It might be a surprise to many, but 44% of adults still keep their childhood teddies and stuffed animals. Of them, nearly 34% still fall asleep beside a soft toy, which reportedly eases their anxiety and helps with their self-esteem. The survey was conducted by HotPoint, and published in a Metro piece. It also discovered that 11% of adults would bring their soft toy along on vacation, and 5% would even smuggle one right into the office.

This suggests that people are often very reluctant to part ways with their childhood. And why would we? Childhood can bring back memories of innocence, comfort, and a carefree lifestyle. That is what the abdl community is all about, and that is exactly what the adult onesie represents. Similar to the soft toy, it is an item of protection – one that is able to relieve anxious feelings, and all of the accumulated stress.

But let us dive into the history behind the adult onesie, by tracing its lineage from the first union suit all the way forward to adult snowsuits and ageplay bodysuits. Hop into your comfy pajamas and let’s go.

The history of the adult onesie

onesies for adults

The onesie, nowadays, is mainly associated with children and infants. But long ago, this wasn’t the case. Indeed, adult onesies made their debut around the beginning of 1800, when in Utica, New York, working class women would wear the onesie predecessor, the union suit. Soon after, the utility of the union suit became wide known. Men started wearing it, and sewing companies decided to produce this clothing item in a garden variety of ways. By the mid-19th century, even American civil war soldiers were using the adult onesie.

Years later, industrialization has exposed workers to a host of dangerous elements, including cold, fire, dirt and metal. The adult onesie was thus reinvented, using more rugged and durable fabrics. This became known as the boilersuit, or coverall, worn by workers the world over.

During the mid-20th century, the British have invented the siren suit, a very similar model to the union suit, which was another early variation of the adult onesie. The actual inventor of the siren suit, believe it or not, was Winston Churchill himself. He popularized the garment by wearing it in public, often while meeting with important diplomatic figures, the likes of presidents and generals. The appeal for its utility was instant – it provided warmth, it was spacious enough to be put on top of sleepwear, and it was very easy to hop into. Needless to say, the siren suit came in handy during air raids as the citizens of London would put it on at a moment’s notice.

onesies abdl

Quickly enough, companies started sewing these clothing items for children as well, adding a fur-lined hood for extra protection and comfort. The following decades saw the popularization of the onesie, as it became an item of choice for baby sleepwear, winter activities on the snow, and pretty much everything in between.

But who invented the onesie as we know it today? Well, through many years of evolution and cultural adaptation, it is really hard to say. Tracing the lineage back, we can go as far back as to document the invention of the union suit, but no single name would pop up.

Adult onesies today

onesies abdl


As globalization has swept the world over, fashion has become widely dispersed. For this reason, even items like the adult onesie are popularized beyond borders.

The onesie today is worn by babies, celebrities, athletes and diaper lovers alike. The fabric often dictates the audience, its usage, and the age group as well. We have funny onesies, animal onesies, jumpsuits, bodysuits, and rugged snowsuits that provide a different level of comfort, warmth, and protection against the elements.

Vintage adult snowsuits coming back under the spotlight have perhaps foreshadowed the massive expansion of the abdl community. It turns out that adults want to enjoy comfort as well, feeling perfectly safe under the one piece protective garment. And this is where adult baby onesies usually shine – they provide quick escape from the anxieties and worries of daily life, offering a reliable way to go into little space.

Where to get onesies for adults?

readymade abdl onesies

Before browsing the internet, make sure to set your mind on a single model. And even if you are reluctant to narrow down, at least try to familiarize yourself with all of the different types of ageplay onesies. The list below is certainly not exclusive, but it should cover pretty much every abdl onesie variety available on the market.

Adult onesie bodysuits

Adult onesie bodysuits are perhaps the most important onesies in the abdl community. Worn under other layers of clothing, it is the first item that touches your skin. As such, it is usually soft, breathable, and super comfy.

Cotton is most likely the fabric of choice, while button crotch solutions completely dominate the market, with possible exceptions that place buttons on the back.

The size is usually assessed by measuring waist circumference, hip circumference, and height, sometimes adding the measurement of chest circumference as well.

Adult onesie jumpsuits

adult baby jumpsuit

Adult onesie jumpsuits differ from the bodysuits in the addition of sleeves and leggings. Because of this, it is often worn as a pajama, or worn casually throughout the day during the cold season. Offering more warmth and protection, it is far more comfortable to slip into.

Since both the legs and the arms are covered, the adult baby jumpsuit often doubles as costume wear. This broad market appeal has provided an opportunity for truly remarkable textures and patterns, as you will easily find funny adult onesies, animal onesies for adults and much more.

Nevertheless, the classic variety doubles as sleepwear, and it usually features a thin zipper line either on the back or the front.

Some of the best abdl onesies are equipped with a hoodie, or a pair of hand warmers, and it is not uncommon to find models that prolong the material of their leggings to double as socks as well.

Adult onesie romper

The romper is a playsuit that usually comes with short sleeves and pant-legs, popularized in the early 20th century. Victorian era kids usually had more restrictive clothing, and the romper was one of those clothing items that marked a cultural crossroad. Today, it represents an affectionate garment for children that can also be enjoyed within the abdl community.

The adult baby snowsuit

adult baby snowsuit

Designed for ultimate comfort, this item is the fortress of security, protection, and warmth. Indoor wearing usually dictates the materials, which in comparison to the regular snowsuit designed for winter active wear are slightly less rugged, fairly lighter, and more breathable.

The adult baby snowsuit features a ton of buttons, zippers, and stretchy ties, which offer added protection against the elements, doubling also as asmr toys that easily take away anxiety and everyday worries.

How to find reliable abdl stores?

Considering the stigma revolving around ageplay apparel, online stores still remain the bastion of abdl clothing. Here at Privatina, we have a rich collection of adult onesie jumpsuits, and adult onesie bodysuits, featuring quality materials, vibrant and soothing color palates, and stellar customer service.

Whenever you decide to shop online, make sure that the store provides their address and tax information, so you can know with absolute certainty that you are dealing with a real business entity. This info is usually shared at the bottom of every e-commerce website.

abdl clothing

Next, in order to ascertain the trustworthiness of a given brand, extend your search online to include their profiles on social media. It goes without saying that a reputable store should have at least some presence on the web outside of their site.

On the website, use your browsing skills to look for the about page, the delivery info, and of course the methods of payment. PayPal is the golden standard, since refunds can be issued easily, and it is the most reliable way to conduct a transaction.

Other than that, gauge the speed of the website, the visual appeal, and of course the grammar throughout every bit of written text.

Having these tricks under your belt, you would never have to look for an abdl shop near you, irrespective of your location. You can live in New York, Nevada, Vermont, Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, London, Hanover, Munich or Cologne, and it wouldn’t matter – a quality ageplaying shop is should be able to leverage the tools of global logistics in delivering an item of clothing right to your doorstep.

ABDL onesies – what to look for?

quality material

With so many available models out there, it is really difficult to narrow down on a single choice. So what should you look for in your favorite adult baby onesie?

First of all, rely on your subjective taste to select the color. Find something that excites you, makes you feel childish again, or simply puts you in little space just by looking at it. Then, make sure to consider the fabric.

This step relies on the type of model, as fabric considerations differ from bodysuits to jumpsuits, from rompers to pjs. Nevertheless, make sure to aim for cotton, as it is very hard to miss in terms of breathability and comfort. Moreover, cotton reduces irritation when it comes to skin contact, so at least choose your bodysuits accordingly.

When it comes to bodysuits, a bit of spandex is helpful since the material feels stretchy rather than restrictive. The usual ratio is 95% cotton to 5% spandex for a comfy stretch-fit experience.

For button crotch models with a row of three crotch snaps are always preferable since it takes extra pressure to get them fully separated, and you won’t have to worry over loose buttons as their stitching tends to wear down. Jumpsuits, on the other hand, are all about zippers.

Ageplaying apparel is becoming more and more popular

ageplay apparel

Far in the East, the Japanese love for Kawaii, which stands for lovely, cute, and adorable, has become a prominent aspect of popular culture. It features cute merchandise, handwriting, clothing and mannerisms that hint at the childlike, shy and vulnerable. A more elaborate observation would place this trend within the abdl community, though it enjoys a much better integration into society, without the usual stigma attached by western culture. In a sense, the Kawaii trend is embraced by children and adults alike, acknowledging a continuum of appeal, and allowing grownups to regress in age without being shunned by society.

According to Statista, the global market value of adult diapers is growing steadily at around 10% per year, but it is very hard to estimate what percentage of this growth is attributed to the adoption of abdl clothing.

According to Google trends on the other hand, Ageplay accounts for around 5% of roleplay, at least in how search engines register online activity, news, discussions, and published content in general. Over the past five years, ageplaying has been getting more and more popular, with queries and interest going up as much as twofold.

But how do we define ageplay, an activity in which the adult onesie is the garment of choice? While many people consider ageplay to be an erotic act, it really doesn’t have to have erotic undertones. Regressing to a certain age, and going into little space doesn’t require a sexual fantasy attached to it. In most cases it’s completely asexual, revolving mostly around the opportunity to re-live childhood.

where to get onesies for adults

ABDL clothing on Amazon enjoys a lot of attention, with thousands of reviews and ratings per item, which indicates a booming market. Not surprisingly, abdl onesies are sought after the most, regardless of the model. Here at Privatina, we also see a growing trend in the sale of adult baby onesies.

Just visit any convention and major event where the ageplaying community gathers, and you will instantly acknowledge the popularity of the onesie. Whether this is at CAPcon, a yearly convention within the Chicago area; TeddyCon, which takes place near Allentown, Pennsylvania; or West Coast Jungle Gym, which is another yearly convention in San Diego, California.

ABDL stores are dotting the internet, and many of them are growing into reputable brands that are finally able to break the stigma and publish multimedia content that appeals to the abdl community.

When we first started it was very difficult to source pictures of models wearing abld onesies, but as the years went by the stigma around this community started to dissipate, and now it is quite common to showcase proud men and women sporting their favorite onesies.

ABDL onesies – the ageplay clothing item that you got to have!

Now that you know the history of the adult onesie, and have some extra tips under your belt on where to get onesies for adults, you are fully equipped to browse our collection and shop for different models. Let the inner child pick your next bodysuit, and simply type in the measurements in order to request a custom model. If you are too excited for your next purchase, and cannot wait to get your first abld onesie, just go to our readymade Privatina collection, and find yourself some of the adult baby onesies that are currently on sale.

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