What our clients love sleeping bags for?

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Autumn is already there and cold days are coming, so if you are a little frosty you will need warm clothes! Did you know that most heat escapes through the feet? At Privatina we provide comfortable adult baby sleeping bags to keep you warm! Hot cacao, a sleeping bag and a lullaby - when you imagine this, even cold evenings will not be that bad anymore...

Our sleeping bags for adult babies

Like all tailor-made Privatina ABDL clothes, you can buy personalized sleeping bags in our store too. We sew them to your order, so you can choose the fabric pattern you like. Depending on the model, you can choose soft fleece in many colors, flannel fabrics, cotton fabrics, terry fabrics with different prints. In a word - choose what you feel most comfortable in! We have wonderful designs with cute teddy bears, bunnies, toy cars, animals, plants.... Sleeping bags sewn from them look really cute. As a company that sells products especially for you, we give you great opportunities to also choose the zippers, sleeve lengths and, of course - size.

What do ABDL customers love our sleeping bags for?

This is one of the first products we sewed and is still a bestseller in our collection today. Our customers love sleeping bags because they give a sense of security, warmth and comfort. It's a must-have item that every adult baby must have in their closet. Some of us have a tendency to fidget with our feet while sleeping (you must be dreaming really wonderful dreams) - a sleeping bag protects you from shedding your bedding or blanket. At the same time, it does not restrain your movements and you can comfortably sleep through the night without unnecessary wake-ups.

Personalized sleeping bag is a great solution not only for use at home, but also for travel. If you're the type of little traveler then you'll appreciate a nap while on the road or in a hotel. Having something of your own in a new place always adds a little courage to traverse unknown corners of the world. Our customers like to wrap themselves in the warmth of adult sleeping bags that are warm, have tactile fabric and keep them comfy.

Models that have the ability to sew in a zipper are very practical. They allow easy diaper changes without pulling the whole thing off, also easier to take off and put on. Of course, this is optional, if you prefer a model without a zipper you can select the appropriate option in the product. We also have a model with a hoodie and a cute teddy bear sleeping bag, in which you can choose mittens - a great garment for all fans of fluffy bears.

High-quality sleeping bags for ABDL

A sweet nap or a peaceful night is a happy adult baby - everyone loves that feeling when we wake up sleepy and content. Sleeping bags for ABDL are all about quality - we pay special attention to the choice of materials, their safety for your delicate skin and interesting motifs. We make them with extreme attention to every detail and seam to maximize the feeling of comfort. Privatina's goal is to provide the most comfortable clothes you will love. Every customer is extremely important to us, and we are happy when you come back to us for more clothes.

Sleeping bags are the perfect gift for every adult baby

We know that our site is visited not only by the ABDL community, but also by their partners, acquaintances, friends. It is not so easy to choose the right gift for an adult baby - after all, everyone has different dreams and favorite toys. When going for a birthday or Christmas party, we always look for something special that will please the eye, but also be practical for your beloved or friend. That's why the ideal gift is a sleeping bag - sewn specifically for the recipient. The personalization options are so great that the second identical sleeping bag almost doesn't happen - this is a premium individual product that will delight and be used for a long time.

Special Smile Day discount now!

On October 7, we celebrate International Smile Day. We love your smiling faces! For this reason, we are giving you a discount code for all sleeping bags. Use the code SMILE to apply the 10% discount and await your order, and when you receive it, smile for us, because your smile is a treasure for us and an amazing motivation for action and further development of our products!

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