Privatina emroidery


ABDL embroidery

Children never want to have just any toy or piece of clothing. They develop personal connection with everything they own, attaching memories, emotions and personal identity to the clothes they wear, or the toys they play with.

And this is the reason why we insist on embroidery. Customization is our signature feature, and we pride ourselves in offering truly unique models of adult baby clothing, that are hard to replicate elsewhere. Embroidery fits within this wider mission by making every set of adult baby pajamas, or every single onesie bodysuit, one of a kind.

Reliable and durable

No competitor offers the level of personalization that we aspire towards, and it is difficult to find clothing stickers and badges within the abdl community, even after days of searching on the internet. The few venues that attach cute little details are usually gluing materials directly to the fabric, which makes them unreliable as well as difficult to wash.

The stitching patterns offered at Privatina are reliable and durable, and they typically outlast the item itself. We offer them in many colors and stylistic variations, just as it is expected for the perfect gift. 

Adorable designs

The drawings themselves are super cute and adorable, and you can choose from a garden variety of animals, all smiley and happy. Once stitched in, these will remain a lasting ornament on your abdl clothing. Select the model you want, type in the embroidery number from the catalogue, and have your best friend always by your side. There is no better way to enjoy little space.