Privatina Membership

Being part of the lovely and vibrant ABDL community, we have decided to offer additional perks and rewards for those who frequently browse our catalogues. Therefore, we welcome you to our private circle, presenting with great delight the two separate Privatina membership cards. Offered as a one-time purchase, these membership cards provide lifetime discounts, reducing the final price of all products available through our website. This means that they equally apply to products that are listed with their regular, as well as discounted price, to which an added price reduction is being calculated upon checkout.

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As part of the silver and golden Privatina membership programs, you can also get special notifications for new products, made available weeks before their official debut on our website.

We also run special giveaways and rewards, featuring adult baby onesies, skirts, dresses, diaper panties, abdl overalls and much more. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your abdl clothing collection in order to enjoy little space, or spice up your ageplaying routine, this is a wonderful investment purchase that will last you a lifetime.

All you have to do is select the preferred program, add it to your cart, and voila – you will become part of our inner circle!