First time here? Your visit made our day! ;-) 

Let us just quickly brief you how we work in Privatina. 

All our adult baby products are custom and tailor made. 

It means basically two things:

1) We need detailed information about your size

Simply add this product to your order (free of charge) by fulfilling the size chart.

Once this is done, it will be saved in our records so we can use it for your next purchase. You won't have to give us that information again, unless you change your size ... ;-)

2) The fabric patterns are constantly changing

It means that we will make your product out of currently available fabric patterns.

Thus the product you receive might be little bit different from what can be seen on the picture of a specific product.

But this the way how we work in Privatina, and actually what makes us different from others.

We simply love changes, creativity and that is why we are constantly sourcing new fabric designs.

This is also what makes your product completely unique and one of a kind.

Enjoy Privatina! 

Please note that in case of products made upon individual specification of the client, the right of withdraw from the contract (right to return the product) is excluded.