Since we meet here, it is safe to assume that this is your first time visiting our website. Well then, welcome to Privatina!

Our brand is a recognized member of the ABDL community, and we love to engage with our audience through content and discussions. Customized clothing, however, is what we do best!

This means that all of our adult baby products are tailor made, according to your preferences. Therefore:

1. We need detailed information about your size

The first thing you need to do is to simply add this product, which is free of charge, to your order. It represents a detailed sizing chart which accurately measures your sizing requirements for various types of models.

Once completed, the measurements are saved and the chart can be used over and over, for every following purchase, unless you feel that your size have changed. In such a case, editing your sizing chart is just as easy.

2. The fabric patterns are constantly changing

What this basically means is that your product will be manufactured out of the currently available fabric patterns. Because of this, it might perhaps look a bit different from what is shown on the picture.

Essentially, this makes your item one of a kind – a creative expression that makes your collection differ from that of everyone else.

3. Browse and select your favorite products

The navigation menu has categories of abdl clothing, including adult baby onesies, diaper panties, skirts, dresses, t-shirts and many more.

Just browse your preferred category, find your favorite item, and you are few clicks away from having it delivered to your doorstep.

Enjoy your shopping experience at Privatina!

Please note that in case of products made upon individual specification of the client, the right of withdraw from the contract (right to return the product) is excluded.