The owner of the online shop Privatina, at the address is:

Privatina LTD London, E20 1BD, PO BOX : 7324, UK 

(hereinafter referred to as "Seller").


I. General provisions

1. These terms and conditions set the rules for the use of Privatina's online shop and the purchase of the products offered in the online shop, including the placing and execution of orders, complaints and returns of the purchased, as well as the rules for the use of the customer account.

2. The condition for using the online shop and placing the orders of the products is reading these terms and conditions and their acceptance by ticking the active checkbox "I accept the terms and conditions", which will be visible during the ordering process.

3. In order to use the Privatina online shop, it is necessary to have a device that allows access to the Internet, including a program for viewing its resources, and an active e-mail account.

4. The customer is obliged to use the online shop in a manner that is consistent with its purpose and the principles of these provisions.

5. Orders in the online shop can also be placed without registration of the customer (without creating a customer account, i.e. as a guest).

6. Orders can be placed via the online shop by placing the of the customer's choice in the shopping cart and filling out the order form.

7. Adult natural or legal persons can place orders.

II. Rules for placing and processing orders

1. During the purchase process, the customer chooses the desired product including offered individual options of the products, indicates individual body measurements and chooses the fabric (type and design) as well as the embroidery (if in the standard offer). Privatina does not offer a so-called stock service – all our products are custom made and are manufactured only after the order is placed and paid. Exception are single items (so called Ready – to – ship products) which are for example our prototypes and can be purchased only in variation and size as presented and offered.  

2. All available colors and material types are listed on Privatina's website and all they will be delivered according to the selected fabric and design (pattern). If no material or standard option has been chosen by the customer, the selection will be taken randomly by the Seller.

3. As the range of materials in Privatina is constantly changing, it is possible that the s shown in the pictures do not show the actual colors. Deviations result from the specifics of our individual offer.

4. The placing of an order represents the conclusion of a sales contract between the Seller and the customer being in distance in relation to the ordered.

5. The customer ordering the products will be requested to provide complete and truthful data required for the dispatch of the products. The provision of incomplete or incorrect data may lead to a delay in the delivery of products.

6. After placing the order, the customer will receive information by e-mail confirming the order (order confirmation). If you do not receive this information, please make sure that the e-mail is not in SPAM, otherwise please contact us by phone or e-mail.

III.  Indication of individual body measurements 

In order to proceed with the order it is necessary to indicate exact individual size - according to Privatina size table and body dimensions. After this information has been provided, the order will be made according to these dimensions. The dimensions should be given in centimetres (CM) and kilograms (KG). Your future orders will be manufactured according to previously give body size specification, unless you will file updated information.

IV. Delivery of the ordered products

1. We deliver our products worldwide by post or courier service (depending on our choice).

2. The delivery costs are determined during the ordering process.

3. The products purchased in the online shop will be shipped within a maximum of 14 days, counted from the time the payment is credited to the Seller's account or - in case of payment by Paypal - from the time the payment is positively authorized.

4. The cost of delivery shall be borne by the customer.

V. Payment methods

1. We accept the following payment methods:

a) Traditional bank transfer to the following bank account of the Seller : PAYMENTS IN EUR

b) Payment via Paypal to:

2. All prices shown in our online shop are gross prices and are quoted in EUR, being equivalent to the value and price of the product in PLN. Payment is to be made in EUR. However the invoice / receipt will be issued in currency: PLN, which is the currency of the country where Privatina was based - Poland. The amount of the invoice will be equivalent to the amount paid in EUR, based on appropriate exchange rate and the amount received from the customer.

3. The price indicated for each does not include delivery costs. The delivery costs are automatically added to the total amount of the order during the ordering process, after the customer has selected the destination country.

4. Payment for the Ready–to–Ship products must be made within 2 days. If not, the order will be cancelled to release the product for sale to others.

VI. Complaints

1. All products offered by our online shop are new. The Seller is obliged to deliver the products without defects.

2. The customer can assert claims for product defects. The e-mail address for sending a complaint is indicated at the top of these general terms and conditions.

3. The complaint can also be made in another way chosen by the customer, e.g. by sending a complaint to our correspondence address (also stated above). If possible, we kindly ask that the package containing the products covered by the complaint will be accompanied by the complaint form, indicating the number of the order.

4. In order to speed up the complaint procedure, we kindly ask you to provide the customer's name, the reason for the complaint, the claim and contact details (telephone number and e-mail address). Thanks to these data we will be able to inform you about how the complaint has been handled.

5. The products covered by the complaint must be delivered to the Seller's address (return and complaint address are given at the beginning of these terms and conditions). We also kindly ask that the packaging of the returned product protects it from damage in transit. For your convenience, you are welcome to use the complaint form we have prepared for you, but it is not compulsory.

6. The complaint will be processed within 14 days. We will inform you of how the complaint will be handled by e-mail or in writing to the address, you provided in the complaint form or letter of complaint.

7. Checking the condition of the shipment containing the ordered products in the presence of the courier, or in case of damage or destruction of the packaging - preparation of a damage report, can facilitate and accelerate the examination of a possible complaint.

8. If the complaint is not acknowledged (accepted) by the Seller, the products will be returned to you together with a statement from the Seller.

9. If the complaint is acknowledged in a way that justifies the refund of the payment made for the purchased products, the refund will be made as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days from the date of the acknowledgement of the complaint by the Seller. The refund will be made in the same way as the payment for the order.

10. In the case of a customer who is a consumer from the EU and who wishes to use an extrajudicial method to make a claim, it is also possible to sue in accordance with the Internet dispute resolution procedure developed by the European Commission, available at:

VII. Right of withdrawal (right of revocation)

1. The customer who is a consumer may withdraw from the purchase contract without giving reasons and without additional costs in this regard, except for the direct cost of return / return of the products to the Seller, and subject to the following paragraph 2.

2. The right of withdrawal does not apply to the delivery of products which were made according to the customer's specification e.g. according to individual options, colors, etc. (custom-made products) which is the most case in Privatina. It means that the right of withdrawal exists only in relation to Ready-To Ship products. 

3. A consumer is a natural person who performs a legal act with an entrepreneur and that (this act) is not directly related to business or professional activity of this person (consumer).

4. The right of withdrawal, which is referred to in paragraph 1 and 2 - last sentence above, can be exercised within 14 days of receipt of the products by the consumer by means of a declaration to the Seller, sent via post or courier to the address indicated in the beginning of this terms and conditions. 

5. In order to comply with the deadline for withdrawal from the purchase contract, it is sufficient to send a declaration to our address indicated above. The declaration of withdrawal shall be sent to the Seller's postal address given above - at the beginning of these general terms and conditions. The draft of the declaration of withdrawal from the contract can be found here.

6. In case of withdrawal from a purchase contract, such contract shall be deemed as not concluded (if the withdrawal applies) and the parties shall be obliged to return what they have provided each other on this basis.

7. The consumer is obliged to return the products to the Seller without delay, at the latest within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract. To comply with the time limit, it is sufficient to return the products before the expiry of the time limit.

8. If you send the returned products to us, make sure that the products are packed in such a way that the shipment is not damaged during transport. The customer is responsible for any reduction in value of the resulting from its use, beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products.

9. As Seller, we are obliged to reimburse all payments made by the customer being a consumer, i.e. the purchase price of the products and the delivery costs, subject to paragraph 10 below, without delay and at the latest 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the customer being a consumer. In case of a partial return of the order, the delivery costs will not be refunded.

10. As Seller, we are entitled to withhold the return of payments received from the customer being a consumer until we receive the products or proof of return, whichever is earlier.

11. In the event that this option is offered by our online shop and the customer, as a consumer, has chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest of the offered delivery methods, we are not obliged to reimburse the customer for the additional costs that exceed the cheapest usual delivery method.

12. We will refund the payment with the same payment method that was chosen when purchasing in our online shop. In any case, the customer will not incur any fees in connection with the return of payments.

VIII. Newsteller

1. The Seller offers the service of sending Newsletter.

2. The Newsletter is a free service provided by the Seller by electronic means for the benefit of the user consisting of sending electronic letters through which the Seller informs about promotions, discounts, products, services as well as important marketing actions or other important information from the point of operation of the Online Store and/or in order to achieve the Administrator's legitimate objective, which is direct marketing of own products and services.

3. The registration on the Newsletter is made via the registration form available on the website of the Store after the user agrees to receive marketing and commercial information by electronic means of communication, such as e-mail.

4. The above consent is voluntary, however, necessary to send Newsletters including information about services, new products, promotions, discounts, special actions of the Seller, etc. The consent may be withdrawn at any time, which will result in the cessation of sending the newsletter in accordance with the rules contained in the Privacy Policy.

5. Subscribing to the Newsletter requires the provision of e-mail address. The data obtained in this way are added to the Seller's mailing database.

6. The service of sending the newsletter is carried out for an indefinite period of time, from the time of confirmation of the subscription by the user until the withdrawal of consent.

IX. Protection of personal data

1. The data administrator of the personal data provided by the customer when ordering and in connection with the electronic services of the Seller is the Seller.

2. The Seller processes the personal data of the Buyer in accordance with the applicable laws, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. The manner in which personal data is processed by the Seller is set out in detail in the Seller's Privacy Policy.

X. Final provisions

1. In case of changes to these terms and conditions, these will be published on the website of the online shop.

2. The amended terms and conditions shall come into force on the date stated therein.

3. Orders placed before the entry into force of the changes to the terms and conditions will be executed according to the previously existing rules.

4. All graphic elements, the layout and composition of the website of the shop (the so-called layout) are the property of the Seller and are subject to the protection of industrial property rights, including the rights arising from the registration of trademarks and the rights to protect trademarks, and may not be used by third parties without the consent of the Seller.

Binding from 10.11.2020.