Welcome to Privatina!

We are an ABDL store which specializes in tailor made and customized adult baby clothing, as well as ageplay apparel of all kind. Working tirelessly to fulfill your dreams, we have put together a unique catalogue of quality items, and our mission is to provide a reliable way of entering little space – a mindset of innocence, playfulness, curiosity and safety.

Being part of the ABDL community, we have recognized the need for variety, customization and uniqueness. Therefore, our products are fully customized and tailor made. Just browse the catalogue, choose your favorite piece, and select the preferred characteristics. You can also define the color, the sizing measurements, add embroidery, or make changes in the overall design.

Occasionally, we run sales on readymade models, so make sure to stop by frequently, and grab a quality item at a discounted price.

Feel free to check our popular adult baby onesies, ABDL dungarees, diaper panties, skirts and dresses… enter the world of little space, where daily worries melt away, leaving room for comfort, safety and a carefree childhood.

As one of the fist ABDL websites around, we also pride ourselves in impeccable logistics and stellar customer service. Each product on the website is shipped worldwide, discretely, in plain boxes, packed carefully and securely! You can learn more about our shipping and delivery process

For those who love to ageplay as a couple, we offer attractive models that allow you to explore a different relationship dynamic, and embody the qualities of youth such as curiosity, innocence and playfulness.

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Welcome to Privatina – a home to adorable ABDL clothing, where you are part of the community, and our constantly growing family!