ABDL skirts and dresses

The selection below offers some of the most adorable ABDL skirts and dresses for the adult baby girl. These models embody innocence, playfulness, coziness and cuteness, making them perfect for age regression into little space, or ageplay fun between couples. Our Privatina collection insists on unlimited customization and tailor-made manufacturing, offering you a chance to design your unique baby skirt and abdl dress. Browse the items, pick your favorite ones, and have them delivered securely and discretely right to your doorstep.

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Adult baby skirts and dresses

With a variety of models, the category of skirts and dresses is one of the most adorable collections at Privatina. You can choose between the ballerina tutu skirts, the classic dungaree dress, or the schoolgirl uniform that is super popular with ageplay couples who want to explore different power dynamics within their relationship. Every item on the list is manufactured with quality fabrics, durable stitching and available for further customization.

Different models to choose from

Each model corresponds with the use case and the temperament of the wearer. Some are meant for casual daily wear, whereas others are more suitable for special occasions and routines. The girl tomboy will enjoy the denim dungaree dress, and the little ballerina would love the tutu skirt. Waterproof dresses are for those who want the extra protection and peace of mind.

Customize each model

The collection of abdl skirts and dresses is super cute and adorable, and each model can be further customized in regards to fabric, color, size, and additional details like embroidery. You can send your own design modifications as well, or try
a completely new idea from scratch. Adult baby skirts and dresses are one of the most beautiful clothing items, and you deserve to have your tailor-made model just the way you like it.