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Similar to the adult bodysuit, and the onesie romper, ABDL overalls are perhaps the most versatile item of ageplay clothing. Known as adult baby trousers, or adult baby dungarees, this jumpsuit provides comfort and protection, which makes it perfect as casual daily wear. In this article, we talk about the history of the garment, and the wide variety of models that fall under the same category. Buckle up those straps, and let’s go, shall we?

ABDL Overalls

ABDL dungarees represent a unique blend of style, playfulness, and cuteness. Easy to jump into, and easy to slide out of, these trousers are the item of choice for many adult baby diaper lovers. The type of fabric usually dictates the clothing combination, but more often than not these are used as a top layer, worn over an onesie bodysuit and maybe a pair of adult diapers.

Here at Privatina shop, we have a large collection of abdl overalls, including a variety of models available in different materials and size. They are the item of choice for the abdl lifestyle, or the perfect garment for spicing up the relationship dynamic through ageplaying.

But before you go ahead and browse for the perfect pair of trousers, let me introduce you to the history of this garment, and the number of cultural lineages that still reflect in the catalogues of today.

The history of ABDL overalls

ABDL dungarees

Thinking about adult overalls, we usually picture the working man and the farmer. But although these professions adopted the garment as an official piece of clothing, its lineage can be traced further back, to the 1750’s within the British army.

It took more than a century, and the introduction of denim in the 1870’s, to spread the appeal of dungarees far and wide. Mechanics, railroad workers and farmers considered them practical and started to purchase them en masse.
Denim fabric, as you would imagine, made overalls perfect for handling rough materials during outdoor work, and their loose fit made them equally appealing as an all-season top layer, allowing for more insulation to be placed underneath, during the cold winter months.

These unique denim trousers offered a number of storage compartments and pockets, suitable for the working man, as tools and documents were carried safely and with ease. Lakin McKay Manufacturing, which is one of the staples of industrial and agricultural clothing, has produced an incredibly large collection of dungarees covering the large mining endeavors around southeast Kansas, spreading the popularity of overalls throughout the country.

baby overalls

Once popularized throughout the west, children began wearing them as the perfect piece of clothing for outdoor play, especially within rural areas. The same qualities that made them appealing to the working class, made them appealing to parents as well. Soon after, short overalls became synonymous with a carefree childhood, outdoor play, and innocence.

Adult diaper lovers who want to re-live these childhood moments, and embrace these qualities, adopt dungarees as part of their age regression, whether it is for comfort and entering little space, or ageplaying within a broader and complex relationship dynamic. Today, most abdl shops that specialize in ageplay clothing have a dedicated collection of adult baby overalls, in fabrics ranging from denim and corduroy, to cotton and fleece.

Types of abdl overalls

short overalls

While the word overalls is mostly used to describe denim dungarees, it is in fact representative of a wider category of clothing. The meaning itself is indicative of an outer layer, that is worn on top of other items. But since overalls hint at a plural form, it is sensible to assume that we are talking about a garment that has a pair of something. Therefore, the category of overalls includes anything with trousers, or shoulder straps, that come as a single piece item worn on top.

ABDL Dungarees

Dungarees are the classic overalls, where shoulder straps are holding a loose, revealing top connected to a pair of trousers. Denim is the usual fabric of choice, and there are pockets aplenty, appropriate for the curious and playful child.
In the abdl community, you can also find dungarees with soft and cushy layers on the inside, such as fleece and wool, and microfiber instead of denim on the outside. This makes sense since denim is a very rugged type of fabric, which although appropriate for outdoor play, is less appealing for indoor ageplaying routines.

The Romper

The romper came out at the end of the Victorian era, and it was widely adopted as casualwear for toddlers and infants. The romper differs from the iconic dungaree in having shorter pant and a variety of stylistic freedoms. Therefore, rompers are available in fabrics and models aplenty.

However, the abdl romper is slightly different in terms of having a recognizable palate of colors and design templates, as well a pair of short bomber sleeves and pants, both of which provide plenty of room for comfort.

Bloomer overalls

These long or short overalls are a combination between the dungaree and the old Turkish garment the bloomer pants. They are lighter and more comfortable than most dungarees, and feature loosely fit pants ideal for warmer climate. However, bloomer overalls are rarely produced for children, and therefore almost never appear in abdl clothing catalogues.

Baby doll overalls

These represent a modern variation of the classic dungaree, though with a much tighter fit, and narrower waist, sporting a pair of x-straps on the back, and super cute, feminine colors throughout.

The usual offering of abdl overalls and dungarees

adult dungarees

Our catalogue reflects some of the trends within the abdl community, and also caters to those who embrace the ageplaying lifestyle. We offer adult dungarees and baby overalls in different fabric combinations, and of course custom sizing requirements. Some of the models feature quality zippers, while others relly on straps only, and you can find items with more or less pockets depending on your personal preferences. We also have dungaree skirts and dresses that are super popular for ageplaying, and adult baby snow dungarees that are extra comfy and cushy for indoor play.

If you want to drift away into the memories of childhood, and experience an age where curiosity and careless play are front and center, then there is hardly a better choice than the abdl dungaree. These overalls represent a vital item in any ageplaying collection, and it would be a real shame not to experience the feeling of wearing them for yourself.

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