Adult baby school uniform dress



Enjoy the adorable little girl school uniform dress from Privatina! Manufactured in dark blue fabrics and 100% polyester, this ABDL dress is perfect for casual daily wear as you explore little space. Designed to bring forth the playfulness, innocence, curiosity and carefree attitude of youth, it is ideal for the adult baby, or the ageplaying couple who wants to spice up their relationship.

The adult schoolgirl uniform dress features adjustable shoulder suspenders that cross on the back, which can easily set the height of the skirt lower for more comfort, or higher for some extra reveal. Needless to say, the dress can be combined with disposable diapers, diaper panties, or ABDL onesies.


The ABDL schoolgirl uniform dress is made of 100% polyester, and it comes in dark blue, with an embroidered “Private School” logo. It is easy to clean with a wet towel, or wash at a maximum of 40 degrees. The fabric is lightweight, and the stitching is quite durable, making this adult baby school uniform excellent for long term use.

Polyester is an excellent fabric for top layers such as overalls and dungarees, and it fits perfectly given the use case of this article. You can play indoor or outdoor, and wash the material for many cycles without it loosing color. The embroidered logo is designed for durability as well, as it is far superior to clothing stickers which are imprinted or glued to the fabric. The adjustable suspenders are super strong and durable as well, with reinforced stitching on the base.

Size measurements

All products are tailor made, designed exclusively according to your own body measurements and sizing specifications. Our team at Privatina believes that every model should fit perfectly, and we go the extra mile in order to provide unique articles that feel comfortable. Ordering tailor made is the best way to ensure you will receive a clothing item that actually fits. Simply add this product to your checkout: Your size specification, which is free of charge, and rest assured that you will receive an exact fit. This is the best feature when buying at Privatina, and something that few other ABDL stores can match.

The perfect gift for the adult baby schoolgirl

Fill in the size measurements, and have this beautiful dungaree dress delivered right to your doorstep, in a discrete and carefully handled package. It is the perfect gift for adult little girls who want to feel playful and innocent, and it is definitely the best gift for ageplay couples who want to experiment with power dynamics in the bedroom.

Care instructions

Wash at 40 degrees maximum. Do not tumble dry.

Privatina size specification

If you order so called "made to measure" (tailor made) products, and this is your first time, please fill in your detailed size information by adding this product to your cart (this option is free of charge).

By ordering a specific product, you will be however asked to specify which size do you usually wear by comparing it with the Privatina size table here (refer to waist).

This table chart also applies to ready made products. In this case, however, please check the product dimensions.

Shipping & Delivery

Will usually ship within 14 days from payment. This is the time we need to manufacture your customized and tailor made order ;-) For ready -made products shipping time is 5-7 working days from payment, unless your order includes made-to-measure product.


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