Adult baby onesie jumpsuit *butterfly* (cotton)



This is the most adorable, comfy and protective adult onesie jumpsuit, now available with soft mittens and enclosed leggings. The zipper can be closed all the way up, to the top of the hoodie, and the removable mittens are there to provide extra warmth. This is the perfect abdl onesie jumpsuit for mommies who want to spoil their adult babies, and take good care of them.

The butterfly model is super popular, as it gives excellent diaper support, sense of security and protection. Slide inside, pull the zipper, and feel your stress and anxiety melt away as you enter little space. Excellent for casual daily play and napping, this adult onesie jumpsuit is the proper gift for anyone who enjoys the abdl lifestyle.


Made out of cotton, the onesie provides unparalleled comfort. It is breathable, lightweight, cushy and soft. The quality zipper is there to last, and the stitching is super durable, made to stand the test of time.

The leggings and soles (booties) can be customized, and you can choose any fabric pattern available at the moment. Do note that the pictures may show the article in colors and patterns that may not be available anymore.

Size measurements

This adult onesie jumpsuit provides a slightly better fit than most. Nevertheless, while it resembles a slim fit model on the outside, it feels comfortable and loose on the inside. The fabric gives a nice and soft feedback, as if there is plenty of padding.

It is very difficult to find adult onesie jumpsuits that fit right away, since there are many points of measurement that need to be taken. Ordering tailor made, therefore, is the best way to ensure you will receive a clothing item that actually fits. Simply add this product to your checkout: Your size specification, which is free of charge, and rest assured that you will receive an exact fit.

The product is made according to your own measurements, which means that it is completely tailor made, and one of a kind. Upon providing your full body size information, we will make sure to manufacture the item to be a perfect fit.


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Adorable adult baby onesie jumpsuit

The reviews and feedback so far has been great, and people love to use this model for a variety of ageplaying routines. Soft and cushy, it is excellent for daily play, but it also doubles as a sleeper, providing unparalleled comfort. The added hoodie is there for being extra cute, playful, innocent and carefree.

Privatina size specification

If you order so called "made to measure" (tailor made) products, and this is your first time, please fill in your detailed size information by adding this product to your cart (this option is free of charge).

By ordering a specific product, you will be however asked to specify which size do you usually wear by comparing it with the Privatina size table here (refer to waist).

This table chart also applies to ready made products. In this case, however, please check the product dimensions.

Shipping & Delivery

Will usually ship within 14 days from payment. This is the time we need to manufacture your customized and tailor made order ;-) For ready -made products shipping time is 5-7 working days from payment, unless your order includes made-to-measure product.