The most adorable adult onesie where comfort and quality meet together. Soft and cuddly, this ABDL jumpsuit is meant to provide warmth and cushiness, easily doubling as a reliable choice of sleepwear. Featuring a durable zipper solution, breathable fabric, and unique design, it is one of the best adult baby onesies that you’ll ever own. The model comes in two color varieties but feel free to send additional customization requests. The matching slippers are not included, and you can find them here.

The adult onesie jumpsuit

Adult onesie jumpsuits are excellent for casual daily wear. You will feel comfortable and warm, without having to worry over tucking your shirt in. Just pull the zipper up, and you are ready to go. The soft hoodie provides additional warmth, and the lightweight of the model is hard to find elsewhere considering the qualities of cushiness and comfort.

Models like the one above, which feature a zipper for easy access, are excellent for all adult baby diaper lovers, as they make the diaper routine much easier. Zipped all the way to the neck, this onesie provides good diaper support, but all it takes are few seconds to jump out of it and change your disposable nappies.


The model is made of super soft minky velour, in a single plain color of choice, with the addition of contrasting white cuffs. The fabric is breathable, but it provides unprecedented warmth, given its light weight. Needless to say, this adult onesie jumpsuit is perfect for the cold winter months.

On the back, the onesie is reinforced for a slightly better fit, with the addition of a small elastic band, discretely stitched under the fabric. However, you can opt in for a less restricting, loose fit, and we will send you a customized model, without the elastic band, for the same price.

You can also customize this onesie further, by choosing enclosed leggings, which provides reliable socks that will stand the test of time.

Sizes and measurements

All Privatina products are made upon given measurements, which means that your order will be unique and tailor made!

Purchasing an adult onesie is rather difficult since there are so many axes along which it can potentially misfit. That is why we don’t believe in finding the proper fit. Instead, we empower you to take charge, so that together we can manufacture the perfect fit.

Simply fill in your sizing information by adding this product to your checklist – it is free of charge, and provides a detailed picture of your measurements. Upon completing the order, it takes up to 14 days to manufacture the article, and send it your way in a secure and discrete package.

Privatina size specification

If you order so called "made to measure" (tailor made) products, and this is your first time, please fill in your detailed size information by adding this product to your cart (this option is free of charge).

By ordering a specific product, you will be however asked to specify which size do you usually wear by comparing it with the Privatina size table here (refer to waist).

This table chart also applies to ready made products. In this case, however, please check the product dimensions.

Shipping & Delivery

Will usually ship within 14 days from payment. This is the time we need to manufacture your customized and tailor made order ;-) For ready -made products shipping time is 5-7 working days from payment, unless your order includes made-to-measure product.


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