Sweet adult baby bib with the pocket and frills.

Outside Color: Waterproof - choose from our vast selection of fabrics. 

Size of approx. 50x60cm.

Made of waterproof fabric in desired design in the front, and cotton or fleece underneath. 

With this bib eating you meal will be safe...for you...not for your mummy ;-)

Privatina size specification

All our clothes are fully tailor made (made to measure).

When ordering by Privatina for the first time, please fill in your detailed size information by adding this product to your cart (this option is free of charge). Should you have not enough time to do so this time, please give us at least basic information about your individual body measurements you will be asked for within the options of a specific product.

Independently, when  ordering a specific product, you will be additionally asked to define which Privatina size do you fit by comparing your individual measurements with Privatina size table. 

Shipping & Delivery

Will usually ship within 14 days from payment. This is the time we need to manufacture your customized and tailor made order ;-)