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Adult Baby Valentina Romper velour



Super sweet onesie made of velour fabric.

Velour will be super soft and nice for you baby skin. You can choose which color you want as the main color. The rest (sleeves, collar) will be in contrasting white color.

This onesie have decorative collar with ruffles in the front, and zipper in the back.

You can also go for the option with lockable zipper in the back, so only the person who has a magic key will be able to open the zipper.

You can choose if you want your onesie with closed feet or maybe with removable booties? See the possible options. 

You can customize your onesie by choosing your personal embroidery. Choose from this list: EMBROIDERY.

If you do not choose the embroidery pattern, we will do that for you. Do you like surprises? ;-) 


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Shipping & Delivery

Will usually ship within 14 days from payment. This is the time we need to manufacture your customized and tailor made order ;-)