Ready-made items (single item sale)

This collection offers one-of-a-kind models that come in unique combinations of design, fabric, and size. It features all categories of ABDL clothing, as the catalogue updates regularly. You can find popular models of diaper panties, adult baby pajamas, and a garden variety of adult onesies. Turnaround is much faster as these items are already manufactured, which means that we ship any product immediately after you complete your order.

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Privatina ready-made ABDL clothing

The catalogue above presents some of the rarest items of abdl clothing available on the market. Once sold, it is hard to know when we might have them in stock again. You can, of course, send us your desired preferences and sizing requirements, for a product that goes out of stock, but there is no telling how fast the same combination of fabric and color might be available.

As you can notice, the category of items is quite varied, with new additions replacing previously available models.

Discounted prices

Ready-made clothing items are already manufactured models that you cannot customize further. For this purpose, their price is usually discounted, which makes every deal in this category quite a bargain.

For the ABDL collector

If you want to own some of the rarest adult baby clothing items on the market, this category should be your number one bookmark. Vintage adult baby snowsuits that go on sale are almost never available in the same stylistic combination, and many other types of ageplay clothing can offer unique models that you will not easily find elsewhere.

Once snapped, the model may never reappear again, so this is your last chance before someone else makes a purchase.

Do note that we process the order immediately, skip manufacturing altogether, and send you the item as fast as possible. The discounted offer is hard to beat, and your Privatina membership applies to the final tag as well, with an additional price reduction.