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Adult baby snowsuit explorer



The Adult baby snowsuit is a fortress of comfort, protection, and coziness. Available in several colors, premium fabrics, and timeless design, this model is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to enjoy the ABDL lifestyle. Providing unparalleled warmth and cushiness, the adult baby snowsuit is waterproof on the outside, eliminating all need for worry. You’ll be completely protected while sporting this one-piece jumpsuit, feeling cozy under the fleece layer on the inside.

The model also features a removable hood, which is securely attached with a zipper and can be easily taken off. This is a rather versatile snowsuit, excellent for outdoor play, as well as indoor ageplay. It is light and breathable, and quite spacious underneath.

Fabric and features

The adult snowsuit comes with a waterproof fabric on the outside, available in a variety of plain colors. You can order a custom made model in white, light blue, dark blue, pink and yellow. The inside layer is made of fleece, which is super soft and cozy, and it provides extra comfort and warmth.

The attached hoodie is easily removable, and it features a fluffy white artificial fur along its edge, for added wind protection. The front zipper is additionally covered with a strongly stitched slat, which ensures waterproof and windproof protection. The added snaps are super strong, and all of the installed zippers are reliable and durable.
Several pockets are to be found along the front side, making this adult baby snowsuit model perfect for outdoor play and those harsh winter months. Finally, there is a waist belt included, for a more attractive and girly look.

Customization is available upon request, as you can completely customize the leggings, or select a loose fit that is without the elastic bands. Further customization is possible, but make sure to comment on your order and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can add embroideries or select different fabric types and much more.

Size and measurements

All of our products are tailor made. This means that your order will be manufactured according to your specified measurements – a unique article that is not available anywhere else. The adult baby snowsuit is an excellent investment when it comes to enjoying little space, and we want our customers to be 100% satisfied. Simply add this product to your checkout: Your size specification, which is free of charge, fill in the form, and have your custom model delivered directly to your doorstep.

Care instructions

Only dry cleaning.

The perfect adult baby snowsuit

For those who enjoy the ABDL lifestyle, or like to indulge in age playing as a couple, the adult baby snowsuit is the perfect investment. Soft and cushy, this model offers excellent protection against the elements, while providing warmth and comfort on the inside. Just slide inside, pull the zipper, and experience your worries melting away!

Privatina size specification

All our clothes are fully tailor made (made to measure).

When ordering by Privatina for the first time, please fill in your detailed size information by adding this product to your cart (this option is free of charge). Should you have not enough time to do so this time, please give us at least basic information about your individual body measurements you will be asked for within the options of a specific product.

Independently, when  ordering a specific product, you will be additionally asked to define which Privatina size do you fit by comparing your individual measurements with Privatina size table. 

Shipping & Delivery

Will usually ship within 14 days from payment. This is the time we need to manufacture your customized and tailor made order ;-)